Zakat Foundation Launched Mobile App

This is the Official Mobile App of Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation. This Mobile App is a handy collection of many of our various online channels. In this app, you can:

* Pay Your Zakat
* Pay Your Sadaqat
* Pay Your Fidyah
* Donate to Fundraising Projects

You will also enjoy our Online Zakat Community designed for you to:

* Engage with our Leaders and Staff
* Follow all the updates on our projects
* Win fabulous prizes

Our Zakat Learner Course will educate you on:

* Zakat, Sadaqat and Fidyah
* Waqf and Infaqul Afuw
* Islamic Financial Management
* Islamic Inheritance and many more

You will also get the latest news and events on our:

* Zakat Distribution
* Welfare Programmes
* Medical Relief
* Economic Empowerment
* Social Events
* Press Release
* Etc
We think you will also love to play your photos and videos with the awesome player in the app.

Slide from left of your screen at any time to access the menu.

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